Mar. 24th, 2017

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Welcome to the fourth annual WIP Big Bang! If you're interested in signing up, make sure you have first read all our FAQs. There are a couple of changes this year, so please give it (and this post) at least a skim even if you’re a returning participant.

Sign ups will be through one of the google forms listed below. If you are planning to do multiple fics, please fill out a separate form for each one just to help us keep organized. This year we are doing something a little different with artist sign ups (so we’d love to hear from you about if you like/don’t like this!). Instead of a sign up for artists, we are doing an “artist interest form.” The way this works is that artists interested in possibly doing art for the bang will fill out the form and we will contact them with art claims details a day or two before the post goes up. That means artist are not technically signed up for the bang until they’ve claimed a fic for art. We’re hoping this will help get fics claimed more quickly, as well as prevent those who are a little hesitant from not filling out the form in fear that they’re going to lock themselves into something.

The only required sections are username, platform, and email, but please fill out as much of the form as you can. It will really help us to keep track of everything. You can contact a mod later if you change your mind on the details of your story, or if you put a few options on the sign up you can narrow it down later. After you sign up, you should receive a confirmation email to the email you put on the form. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please email a mod at

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Click Here For Author Sign Up Form Signs ups are closed, thank you!
Click Here For Artist Interest Form

Author sign ups will close on Friday, April 7, 2017. Artist interest sign ups will close on May 14th, 2017. All times are 11:59 CST. If you have any questions about sign ups, please feel free to leave a comment here.


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