Jul. 5th, 2017

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So this will be the final post before the posting extravaganza begins on Saturday! I am so so excited by how many of you have participated and how many amazing stories we’re going to be reading soon. All of you had stories that had been sitting around for who knows how long and now YOU HAVE COMPLETE STORIES. At least mostly. Hopefully. You are all fantastic, authors and artists alike, and I am so proud of you :)

So how's this going to go, you ask? I've got my story online or mostly online and it'll be posted by the date I claimed, but how will everybody know I've completed it?

Well, friend, do I have just the thing for you. Here on the WIP Big Bang comm, we're doing what we call Bragging Rights. That's right, you get an entire post on the comm to shout to the world how awesome you are.* In this post, you can share things like:

Story Title
When I Started**
How I Lost My Shit**
How I Finished My Shit**

You can submit your post to the comm as early as you like (but LJ will only allow you to have one post in the queue at a time, so be aware if you have multiple posts to make!) and we'll queue it to post on the date you've claimed. Don't worry about tagging posts; we will use a system we've determined.

And don't worry, artists, we've got you covered, too. You get your own separate post, though you are welcome to just have your author post your art on their post if you want. If you don't plan on making your own separate post to the comm, then please let me know so I can get you marked off my list and you won’t be accidentally banned. In this post, you can share things like:

Art Title
Link (or you can post the art here, too!)
Bragging Rights

Your posting day is all about you. So celebrate! Don't be modest! Shout it to the world! We all come from so many fandoms, but we all came together to finish our shit, and that's something to shed a proud tear over.

To make it easier, here are some templates:



You may post to Livejournal and/or Dreamwidth, whichever you prefer.  You must post to the comm by the end of the posting period or you may be banned. As well as your bragging rights, you are welcome to post to the WIP Big Bang 2017 collection on AO3. If you have any questions, feel free to send the mods an email!

*If for some reason, you can't post this yourself, you can always email this information to the mod, and we'll post it for you.
**When I Started, How I Lost My Shit, How I Finished My Shit are all optional, but we would prefer you fill out the rest of the categories.


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