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 Hey everyone!

Sorry again for the late check in, I got back to town far later than I'd planned. I promise I will try to catch up on emails and comments asap!

Time for our fourth check point! This isn't mandatory, but highly encouraged for both authors and artists. We're just seeing how everybody's doing, if there are any concerns we need to be worried about, etc. Comments on this post are screened, so nobody else can see your comment, so feel free to vent as much as you need to. But please let us know how you're doing with that WIP/art. Any closer to done? Even if it's only a couple of words to assure us you're alive, please check in! :)


  • Fourth round of art claims is still going! We really REALLY need to get the rest of these awesome fics claimed. Please spread the word, bring all your friends!

  • Rough drafts are due June 18th. Your fics should be 80% done by then. This is a required check in for both authors and artists.


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