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Please leave comments for art claims on the Livejournal post. This post is only for reference.

Fifth round of story claims are up, let’s definitely make this the last. At the time of this posting, 17 stories are still left. Stories are listed by fandom in alphabetical order and each story is tagged with the story name and a number identifying that story (for my records). These are all great stories that deserve an awesome artist. Please look into your hearts and see if you want to claim any of these. Also, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Bribe them with kisses and pie. I've just checked with my lawyer and it's perfectly acceptable to grab your artist friends and stuff them in a sack and bring them over here*. There will be posts on the tumblr for each fic for easier sharing!

*Actually, my lawyer's words were more like "Don't do that."

To claim a story, please leave a comment below with these details:

First Choice
Title of Story & #:

Second Choice
Title of Story & #:

Willing to Take Both?


Stories are first come, first serve. I'll update this post as stories are claimed. Official posting dates begin on July 8th. Sign-up sheet goes up on June 28th for posting dates. This is a week later than the original date of June 21st, bc we still have so many fics that have not been claimed for art and we want them claimed before posting dates opens.

Authors, if something is wrong with the info for your stories, please let me know ASAP via email.


Story Title: A Ghost Of A Chance
Pairings, Characters: America/Belarus, Denmark/Norway, Japan, Sweden/Finland, Sealand, England, Romania (focus on America/Belarus)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Nataliya mysteriously loses her textbook, she and Alfred get trapped in a dormless college during a snowstorm. Even worse, she begins to realize they might not be as alone as they thought.


Story Title: Unpaid Vacation
Pairings, Characters: Methos, Joe Dawson, Nick Fury (thus far)
Rating: Likely to end up PG13ish
Warnings: Canon level violence, experimentation on people (using quickenings from Highlander), HYDRA involvement (they're the villains)
Summary: This is a sequel to a fic I wrote a few years back, A Routine Operation, which was a crossover wherein Methos meets up with a newly (Highlander-universe) immortal Phil Coulson. In the sequel, Nick Fury shows up at Methos' new out-of-the-way house to hide out for a while. Of course, HYDRA sleeper agents don't care if you're trying to lay low or take a break. And HYDRA sleeper agents who are also aware of Immortals are that much more of a problem. As it turns out, one HYDRA agent is also a Watcher and he's decided to see about becoming Immortal himself.


Story Title: Absurd Distractions
Pairings, Characters: Inuyasha/Kagome, Kagome, Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, OCs
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Summary: Out of boredom, Kagome rudely begins to meddle in Sesshoumaru's personal life. She never intended to get caught up in one of his crazy quests. Friendship Fic. Canon, Post-Series. Ongoing serialization.

Mad Men

Story Title: lights earth with her silver
Pairings, Characters: Michael Ginsberg/Megan Calvet (genderswap, rule 63)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Former Suicide Attempt, Mental Health Issues, Period Typical Homophobia
Summary: After she gets out of the hospital, Michaela Ginsberg moves to Los Angeles when Megan Calvet gets her a job. And they hook up. And hook up some more.

Pacific Rim/MCU

Story Title: Safeties
Pairings, Characters: Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket, Hermann Gottlieb/Vanessa Gottlieb, Cheung Wei/Ilisapie Flint, Hu Wei/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Chuck Hansen, Cheung Wei, Hu Wei, Jin Wei, Mako Mori, Raleigh Becket, Vanessa Gottlieb, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Hermann Gottlieb, Howard Wei (Stark), Ilisapie Flint, Herc Hansen, Stacker Pentecost, Tamsin Sevier, Fang (Pacific Rim), Zeke Amarok, An Yuna, Pang So-Yi
Rating: Mature/R
Warnings: Violence, Minor Character Death
Summary: The Wei brothers, from Afghanistan to the Mandarin. Meanwhile, the former Winter Soldier, Chuck Hansen, learns what it is to be human again, and the threat of Hydra looms large. Sequel to Histories on AO3.


Story Title - Changes Continue
Pairings, Characters - John Watson/James Sholto. John Watson, James Sholto, Jim Moriarty, Sebastian Moran, Greg Lestrade, Original Characters
Rating - M
Summary - John makes some choices in his life and sets some new goals

Story Title: Children Of Light, Children Of Dark
Pairings, Characters: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper with background John Watson/Mary Morstan & OMC/OFC; Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade, John Watson, Mary Morstan, Mycroft Holmes, Anthea, Irene Adler, OMCs & OFC
Rating: Probably no higher than PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of torture and non-major character death, but nothing graphic
Summary: There are a series of murders going on that have a pattern, and Sherlock sees glimpses of it but can’t fathom it completely. But Molly realizes it’s reminiscent of an unsolved case her mentor had told her about, where the murders were based on a series of fantasy novels that Molly herself adores. Sherlock asks her to use her knowledge as a pathologist and a fan of the series to help him figure out both sets of murders, and in the process Molly gets quite a bit more than she bargained for.

Story Title: House of Camera (part of The Shadows, Where Softly Steps the Light)
Pairings, Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Gregory Lestrade,
Rating: NC17, AU
Warnings: NC17, explicit violence
Summary: In which John starts attending cases with Sherlock.

Story Title: It Takes The Whole Of London
Pairings, Characters: Background John Watson/Mary Morstan and past Tom/Molly Hooper; Molly Hooper, Mary Morstan, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Meena, Sherlock Holmes, Tom, OFCs and OMCs
Rating: PG
Warnings: Offscreen character death
Summary: When one of Molly's best friends and her husband die in a car accident, Molly finds herself the guardian of their six-month-old daughter, and in an instant her entire life changes, and she comes to find solace in the fact that there is truth in the old adage "it takes a village" when she finds herself raising Maya on her own.

Story Title: Led About On A (Not So) Merry Chase
Pairings, Characters: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper & John Watson/Mary Morstan; Molly Hooper, John Watson, Mary Morstan, Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade and maybe a few others plus OMCs and OFCs
Rating: PG
Summary: John enlists Molly’s help to cheer Sherlock up when Sherlock is down in the dumps about getting bad marks before the end of term, which means going home and facing his parents. Molly has the idea of a scavenger hunt to put Sherlock’s big, beautiful brain to use, but nothing goes right when what is supposed to be a private thing amongst a few friends becomes a campus-wide event. Will it all end happily ever after or will everything be worse off than they were before?

Story Title: No More Regrets
Pairings, Characters: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, John Watson/Mary Morstan, Greg Lestrade/Sally Donovan; Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, Mary Morstan, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan, James Moriarty, Irene Adler, Stella Hopkins, Victor Trevor, OMCs
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild violence
Summary: Molly Hooper prefers a life limited to her teaching at King's College, the occasional consult for Scotland Yard and evenings with her cat and a good book, but her best mates think she should expand her horizons. On one of their regular "Let's get Molly a social life" nights, Molly meets a man who saves her from a sticky situation, but before she can get to know this Sherlock fellow any better she has to leave the pub. She thinks it's a fleeting "what might have been" moment, but Sherlock has other ideas about that.

Story Title: Rectifying Past Mistakes
Pairings, Characters: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan; Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Anthea, John Watson, Mary Morstan so far
Rating: PG
Summary: When Mycroft gets Sherlock out of Serbia, he drops a bombshell on him he isn't quite prepared for: after years of being gone out of his life, Sherlock's ex-wife Elizabeth has reappeared, under the name Mary Morstan. While he was off taking care of Moriarty's mess she was protecting those he cared about and helping his brother, for reasons, he finds, that she is keeping close to the vest. But when they're forced to stay in close quarters at Baker Street both secrets and old wounds come to light and, perhaps, things might turn out for the best after all.

Story Title: Tea Time (part of (The Shadows, Where Softly Steps the Light)
Pairings, Characters: Harriet Watson/Other, Harriet Watson/Clara Lausier
Rating: NC17, AU
Warnings: NC17
Summary: Harriet Watson meets the loves of her life

Story Title: What Matters More
Pairings, Characters: Tom/Sally Donovan, background Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper; Sally Donovan, Greg Lestrade, Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes, Tom, possibly Philip Anderson
Rating: PG
Summary: Nearly a year after Molly ends her engagement to Tom, Sally bumps into him quite by accident and they hit it off. What begins as a slightly awkward friendship starts to blossom into something more, and Sally is faced with the decision of what’s more important to her: a potential romantic relationship with her best friend’s ex-fiancé or her friendship with said best friend, who insists she’s fine with things and has moved on completely to someone else.


Story Title: undecided. Place holder title: Each Care Decays Yet Sorrow Springs
Pairings, Characters: Finwe, Morwe, OCs, no pairing
Rating: Mature (?)
Warnings: illness, death
Summary: Plague comes to Cuivienen

Star Wars (all verses)

Story Title: Massage Therapy (working title - may change)
Pairings, Characters: Kylo Ren/Armitage Hux - Kylo Ren, Armitage Hux, Hux's mother, several original characters
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Dub-con/identity porn, explicit sexual content - anal/oral sex, mild violence
Summary‚Äč: Armitage Hux always made the best of his annual physical/mental examination. It was almost a vacation every year. The thing he looked forward to the most every year was a visit to a local parlor. Every year, everything was always the same, and that's how he liked it. But this year, things did not go according to plan.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Story Title: Sins of the Father
Pairings, Characters: No pairings. Casey, Splinter, Karai
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, PTSD, Unhealthy coping mechanisms, Abusive Parents, Gaslighting, Body Horror, makeshift first aid, drinking,
Summary: AU. In the aftermath of the season two finale, Casey is left behind in Kraang-infested New York with an injured Splinter. Forced to build an alliance with Karai, Casey has to come to terms with some uncomfortable truths about his role at home and how it differs from his place in Splinter's family.
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