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Finally the results from last year's feedback survey! I've compiled all* of the results and you can find them under the cut. Thank you again to everyone for participating and I hope to see you all in the next round :)

We had 42 total responses to the survey.

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  • 2017 bang dates and the promo post should be up in the next couple of days. If you'd like to make new banners for this round, please send me a PM or email.

  • New art guidelines/minimums will likely be included in the upcoming FAQ update. If you have vid experience and wouldnn't mind answering a few additional questions, please send me a PM or email.

  • If you're interested in joining us as a mod this year, please send me a PM or email asap. I'm especially looking for someone who would be willing to run word wars and/or whine bars.

*I have not included all of the results in this post bc I figured most ppl would not interested, but if you are (or just want to see full-size charts), leave your email and I'll be happy to email you a copy!
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Here is the promised feedback survey! Quite a bit later than I intended, my apologies...

There are about 20 questions (only 4 are required) about everything from whether you did fic or art to if we should have art minimums. I'm not sure how long it will take to complete (my guess is less than 10 minutes), but I would really, really appreciate it if you could all complete the whole thing. Even if you had to drop out or didn't end up posting, I'd like to hear from you. It's very important to me to see how things went this year and how things can be improved in the future.

All answers will remain anonymous, though I will put together some stats if anyone is interested in seeing that. If you have any other concerns that aren't addressed in the survey, feel free to ask them here. There is also an option at the end for any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. and if you leave your email or username there I will reply to you privately. The survey will close on December 31.

Click here to take the survey.

Thank you! :)
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WIP Big Bang 2016 is over!

Congratulations to everyone!! We had a lot of great fic and great art posted and it's time to celebrate! I'm so so proud of all of you and I hope you're all proud of yourselves as well. You did something great by completing your stories and I'm really glad you all participated. I'm really impressed by all the fantastic fics and beautiful art that was produced. If you haven't had a chance to check everyone else's posts and leave comments, please do!

I had a great time modding and I hope you all had a good time too. There will be a survey up soonish so you can tell me how you thought it went and if you think any changes need to be made for the next round. As per the poll a while back, I will be starting a banned list, but that won't take effect until next year.

For now, it's time to cheer and squee and post the most excited/congratulatory gifs you can find! Have some wine and cheese and flail, shout, and have fun! You deserve a break after all your hard work :)

I hope to see you all again next year!
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Art Title: Art for Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
Artist: loracine
Fandom: X-Files RPF
Warnings: none

Master Art Post

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 Story Title: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Fandom: The X-Files RPF
Link: AO3
Summary: Just when Dr. David Duchovny thinks his blind date can't get any worse, his insipid dinner companion pulls out a gun. On the brink of a scientific breakthrough, Dr. Duchovny had knowledge that dangerous men would kill to possess. His only protection is Gillian Anderson, an agent with Tactical Executive Security. He desperately needed to trust someone, and Agent Anderson was it. But David senses that Gillian is keeping more secrets than she's revealing. With his life in chaos, can he trust the secret agent? 
Warnings: none
Characters: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Pairings: David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson
When I Started: This fic was originally begun in February 2013 for the first round of [community profile] unconventionalcourtship. The idea was to select your summary from an existing Harlequin Romance novel, tailor it as needed to suit your characters, and go write! I signed up with two goals in mind: I wanted to stretch myself as a writer and I wanted to write the first true AU for The X-Files RPF fandom. My summary is a mash-up of two different Harlequin romances. My friend tree requested that the prompt be gender-swapped, which I was happy to do.
How I Lost My Shit: I just got stuck. I actually signed up to write this same prompt during three different rounds of Unconventional Courtship. (Those mods are saints. They even let me post the first four, completed chapters as a WIP last year.) As it turns out, I'm pretty good at inventing interesting plots and characters, but I'm terrible at romance. This presented a problem since I was working on a thriller/romance. 
How I Finished My Shit: Chapter Five, the one I got stuck on last year, was supposed to have an explicit sex scene. (I did read a few thriller/romances before I got started which is how I discovered that even thriller/romances have many such scenes. Yikes.) Spoiler alert: After eight drafts, I finally took the story in a different direction. That's how a fic with the working title of "Under Fire," ended up as "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered." 

Which leads us to wipbigbang. Predictably, I got stuck again. Writing is hard! Real life sucks! But then the amazing and talented Loracine made an adorable bookcover for the fic. I didn't want to let her down. I didn't want to let my beta/cheerleaders down--again. So I asked for an extension and kept plugging away at it. There are five brand new chapters going up today on AO3 just as fast as I can get them formatted for posting.
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Posting for knowmefirst

Art Title:
Feeling Strangely Fine
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Warnings: N/A
Link: A03
Bragging Rights: I been meaning to do art for one of the many scandalbaby fics, and I was so happy to be able to do it for this one. It was such a lovely romantic fic and I hope that one day she does a sequel to it.

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 Art Title:R.E.P.
Warnings:NSFW. Nudity, adult situations
Bragging Rights:My first vid! Even though my author sadly had to drop out, I have been wanting to try vidding and thought I could manage a 30 sec trailer, so I did this as part of the art for her story. She encouraged me to go ahead and post and I honestly had so much fun with this that I thought, okay.
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 Posting for welsh_woman1988

Story Title
: By The Grace I Found In Thee
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Summary: A battle hardened and mistrusting Templar has his faith returned when a caravan arrives carrying a young Friar who is struggling with his own sense of belief.
Warnings Violence, Period Typical Racism, Period Typical Homophobia, Homophobia Slurs, Religious Homophobia, Suicidal Thoughts
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Alan Deaton, Vernon Boyd, Erica Reyes, Isaac Lahey, Aiden, Danny Mahealani, Papa Stilinski, Claudia Stilinski (mentioned), Talia Hale (mentioned), Laura Hale (mentioned), Cora Hale (mentioned)
Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Background Vernon Boyd/Erica Reyes
When I Started: Waaaaaaaaaaaay back on November 15th, 2013 after saucefactory on tumblr 
made a post talking about how this would be a great idea.
How I Lost My Shit: While writing, I realized that this was way too big a project for me to take on at the time; I was still trying to figure out who I was as a writer and I spent most of my time comparing my writing to everyone else's. I psyched myself out of writing more barely two chapters in, and just let it sit as I worked on other things and only added bits and pieces whenever my other writing wasn't cooperating.
How I Finished My Shit: This Big Bang, actually. It made me dig through all my old stuff and see which one I wanted to dust off and finish. I gave By The Grace a few more words and was claimed by an awesome artist, which gave me another boost to get this done. Alobear's art, having my Beta memprime cheering me on and the WIP Big Bang people be gracious enough to give me a few extra days because I didn't have my shit together is the main reason this story is even seeing the light of day!
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 Story Title: Speak For The Dead
Fandom: Sherlock
Link(s): AO3
Summary: Molly gets a letter from a solicitor that she’s the sole beneficiary of the estate of a Miss Venecia Williamson, supposedly a great-aunt she’s never heard of. She inherits an estate on the outskirts of London, a large sum of money, a rather eclectic household and, rather unfortunately, a gift: the ability to speak to the dead. And even more unfortunately, there are people who would rather she didn’t put that gift to good use.
Characters: Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Mary Watson, John Watson, OMC & OFCs
Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, John Watson/Mary Watson, mentions of pairings among original characters
When I Started: October 5th, 2015
How I Lost My Shit: This was started for the Spook Me Ficathon’s 2015 round, of which I was a tad overambitious. I had attempted to finish it soon afterward, but real life just got to be too much.
How I Finished My Shit I almost didn’t. I worked on this story all the way up to the rough draft deadline, and then at the beginning of July scrapped almost everything I had written because honestly? It sucked. It just wasn’t what I wanted when I showed it to a friend of mine who had thoroughly enjoyed the previously posted five chapters. But I had an artist who had gotten excited and I didn’t want to disappoint so I worked really hard on, keeping in mind they were making a fanmix, and what we’d talked about the vibe of it was, and kept to that and came up with something I thought would work and honestly, I’m much happier with this second attempt than I was the first. I think the first attempt under my heavier pain pills was just not as good as the second attempt when I was thinking more clearly. It was much less gothic doom and gloom.
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 Art title: In Abeyance
Author: reeby10
Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: None.
Bragging Rights: Wow, ok. This could have gone so wrong because I thought I still had time to finish the art. Fortunately, my muse decided that it was the right time to wake up. I can now show you the art I made for Reeby10's fic! I hope you enjoy it! :)
Links: LJ | AO3
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 Story Title: In Abeyance
Fandom: Supernatural
Link(s): on AO3
Summary: Dean takes the move to a new town as a chance to start something new. That means beginning college, becoming best friends with a guy from the largest and weirdest family ever imagined, and getting a crush on the local diner cook. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and one-sided feelings threaten to ruin everything.
Warnings AU, one-sided attraction, dysfunctional families
Characters: Dean, Sam, Adam, John, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar, Bobby, Victor Henriksen
Pairings: Benny/Dean, Castiel/Dean (one-sided), Gabriel/Sam (side)
When I Started: I first came up with the idea in January 2015 and it slowly started morphing into a (massive) series of interrelated fics with the help of biffelderberry.
How I Lost My Shit: Basically we made it our goal to fit every SPN character we could think of into a modern AU about family dysfunction. Which required a LOT of planning, which turned into not a lot of actual writing... I tried to write this story, one of the main ones in the series from Dean's POV, for NaNo in November, but I only got a little less than 5k done bc life. And then life continued to kick my ass, so it all just fizzled out.
How I Finished My Shit: We'd estimated that the total series would come out somewhere around 200k, but we had a friend who didn't think we'd be able to finish ever one fic of it. So basically I just really wanted to prove her wrong lol And I figured since I was modding I should probably get my ass in gear and finish. Plus, the promise of some lovely art by manuushuu was a great incentive.
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 Story Title: Search
Fandom: Captain America, MCU

And Ceares did this AMAZING artwork - 

Warnings Angst, references to canon character death
Characters: Sam, Steve, Bucky, T'Challa, mentions of past Peggy/Steve and Sam/Riley
Pairings: Sam/Steve, past Steve/Bucky, eventual Sam/Steve/Bucky
When I Started: Shortly after CA: Winter Soldier came out, which made me want to write Steve/Sam looking for Bucky, with jealousy and angst on Sam's part. As with most love triangles, I support OT3 as a solution to love triangles.
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Art Title: The Littlest Untruth
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Warnings: none
Link: AO3
Bragging Rights: You know, I don't think I've done any Sherlock art, so it was nice to break into that side of the fandom. It was wonderful to work with Scandalbaby/afteriwake, and she should be proud of her story, The Littlest Untruth. If you like Molly/Sherlock, do go check it out. 
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 Story Title: The Littlest Untruth
Fandom: Sherlock
Link(s): AO3
Summary: Sherlock and Molly need to travel away from London for a case, but when they make it to the village of Hatherleigh the car they are using breaks down. Molly is unaware that the small village is connected to his case, and when the proprietress of the inn assumes they’re a married couple he doesn’t disabuse her of the notion. He hopes that with the phone lines being down nothing will happen regarding the case but when the co-owner of the local garage is found dead in the other inn and Sherlock’s expertise is requested, he slowly realizes the fiction he’s perpetrating could be quite dangerous for both him and Molly.
Warnings Some not so graphic mentions of violence
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade, OFCs and OMCs
Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
When I Started: August 8th, 2015
How I Lost My Shit: This fic was a milestone fic, written to celebrate my 700th fic on AO3, and is peppered with quotes (some straight from the show, some adapted to fit the character I need saying them) that show up in the ads that play before various Acorn television shows when you watch them on DVD (I’m a huge fan of a ton of shows from the production company, like Midsomer Murders, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Agatha Christie’s Marple, Mr. & Mrs. Murder, Poirot...I see the ads all the time). I was really gung ho to write it until I had a huge section that had dialogue in French that I used Google Translate for and had someone leave a kind of rude comment for and that sapped my enthusiasm for really writing any more of it, and then I had other milestones I was hitting and it just kind of fell to the wayside.
How I Finished My Shit Well, it was hard. I was still writing it well after the check-in because the pain medication I was taking for my back surgery was making it hard to concentrate on the case aspect and it wasn’t until I had written the seventh chapter and sent it off to my beta I realized I needed to write two more chapters instead of one to finish it and I had messed up how I had originally planned on ending it, which went against all the French stuff I had done in the previous chapter, so I changed the French “cousin’s” background in the ninth chapter since I had given a vaguely worded prediction for the fortune teller, so it worked out. But yes. This was a hard one to finish with brain fog but I did it! I’m very proud of myself for that.
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 Story Title: Feeling Strangely Fine
Fandom: Sherlock
Link(s): AO3
Summary: Molly had had plans for her holidays involving a cruise. Plans that did not involve having gallbladder surgery Christmas Eve morning or having Sherlock at her flat playing nursemaid while she recovered. But perhaps that was for the best, as she realizes that maybe there was something between the two of them that they'd both been denying for far too long.
Warnings None
Characters: Molly Hooper & Sherlock Holmes
Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
When I Started: December 18th, 2015
How I Lost My Shit: This year I got really overwhelmed with writing commissions and personal stuff, so this just kind of fell to the wayside, and as it was a popular Sherlolly story of mine I wanted to finish it sooner rather than later.
How I Finished My Shit This one I always knew how I wanted to finish it, so it was just a matter of sitting down and actually finishing it, and when I had my back surgery the time just kind of opened up and I just did it.
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 Story Title: My Life by Ronon
Fandom:Stargate Atlantis W/Jack and Daniel
Link(s): Archive of Our Own Also at Dreamwidth
Summary:Welome to Ronon's journal.
Warnings Wraith/Human sex.
Characters: Ronon Dex with mention of everyone.
Pairings: Ronon/Melena, Ronon/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jeanne/Kaleb
When I Started: IN 2014 I thought it would be fun to do a blackout for my [community profile] fanbingo bingo card.
How I Lost My Shit: Life, motivation and health problems all piled up.
How I Finished My Shit kattrip033,cheshirejin,yonkyu all prodded me as needed. lynx212 made it
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 Posting for SapphoIsBurning

Art Title:
 Merrier all the Time (Comic) by SapphoIsBurning
Fandom: World Wrestling Entertainment
Warnings: none
Bragging Rights: Thanks to APGeeksOut for an awesome fic to illustrate. I enjoyed turning a scene from about the middle of the story into a comic :)
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Art Title: Snugger Fit
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Warnings: None for art
Link: Art Masterpost
Bragging Rights: This is my first time illustration for the fandom, Once Upon a Time.  I'm not too familiar with the show but I believe I was successful with this illustration for this story.  :D
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 Story Title: Snugger Fit
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Author: 4kennedy
Betareader: lanalucy
Artist: kuwlshadow
Story Link: AO3
Art Link: LJ
Summary: Regina has a plan how to get what she wants and how to punish Emma for last night // Sequel to "Lust & Ice Cream"
Warnings: Explicit, PWP
Characters: Regina Mills, Emma Swan, Ruby, David Nolan, Nani Pelekai
Pairings: Emma/Regina
When I Started: December 2015
How I Lost My Shit: I got sick in January. There were also a lot of personal problems and I ended up in a depression. It swallowed my muse and all of my energy, I didn't feel much like writing.
How I Finished My Shit: I felt I owed it to the readers who had subcribed to the story. Also I would've hated it to leave a story unfinished. The deadline of the wipbigbang helped a lot.
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 Story Title: Cinderella had a Wrench
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Ed and Winry's impending wedding had been speculated about for months. All knew it would be the event of the year. No one expected the reason why. Not all weddings end in happily ever after, some tragically just end. 
Warnings: Major character deaths, angst, mentioned violence
Characters: Ed Elric, OMC, OFC, Pinako Rockbell, mentioned Winry Rockbell and Al Elric
Pairings: Ed/Winry, Mentioned Winry/Al
When I Started: 2013 after cheshirejin and I got back from AWA, at which we had observed an excellent pair of cosplayers wandering around everywhere together as Winry and Al. At one point, cheshirejin commented that someone should really write Al and Winry eloping together and thus a fic was born. 
How I Lost My Shit: Not too long after I had started, real life sort of took a sideways turn and I had to put it aside. Things haven't slowed down much since, so I just never got a chance to get back to it. 
How I Finished My Shit: It was a bumpy, bumpy road. When first started this challenge, I realized my fic was too much of a rip off the of The Graduate, so I tore it apart and started over. After much struggle, I wrote very lovely, bittersweet fic, celebrated, and realized it was only three thousand eight hundred words. With a lot of hair pulling, and help from friends who were tired of listening to me whine, I was able to beef it up to over seventy five hundred words. It was a fine fic, but it had lost what made it so lovely to start with and no longer even felt like something I would write. After much moping, threatening to set things on fire and ritual suicide, vexed_wench kicked my ass and I started over again. It was the same story, only this time from Ed's point of view, instead of Al's and Winry's, and with much, much darker consequences. This one was a keeper, that I am very proud of.


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