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 Story Title: A taste of home
Fandom: Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Link(s): Story and SaltyKumquat's art!
Summary: Escha and Logy made a promise that he would come back to Colseit he had learned everything from Central City. However, Logy hasn't been answering any of Escha's letters. There is only one solution: taking matters into her own hands and checking on him in person.

Along the way Escha learns that Logy is not the only person who needs a friend, and that Central seems to train its alchemists to be too afraid to reach out to others. Escha is determined to change this.
Warnings None really apply.
Characters: Escha Malier, Miruca Crotze, Logix "Logy" Fiscario
Pairings: Escha Malier/Logy Fiscario
When I Started: About six months ago, I think?
How I Lost My Shit: Well. I hadn't actually played Atelier Shallie at the time. I had a number of exchanges on foot. There were a lot of words to write about awkward alchemists and I was overwhelmed! Also lazy.
How I Finished My Shit I lured people into my white unmarked shipper van, and their enthusiasm buoyed me on to finishing. I am pretty much responsible for my artist even playing the game, let alone joining me in shipper hell, and I regret absolutely nothing in terms of this life choice.


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