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Art Title: Home
Fandom: Code Black
Warnings: none
Link: on LJ
Bragging Rights: I wasn't sure that I'd have time to do any art, but I couldn't resist doing a few pieces for the lone Code Black fic. It may be a small fandom, but it's a really fantastic show and I'm so excited to read the finished fic :)


Jul. 17th, 2016 09:23 pm
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Story Title: Home
Fandom: Code Black
Summary: Leanne’s brother-in-law shows up out of the blue, claiming that his mother is ill and needs to see her right away. As she faces her late husband’s family for the first time since the immediate aftermath of the accident, Leanne questions whether she’ll ever truly be able to move on while Cole refuses to give up on their burgeoning relationship.
Warnings: None
Characters: Leanne Rorish, Cole Guthrie, original characters
Pairings: Leanne/Cole
When I Started: Not long before sign-ups opened, actually. I'd been kicking the idea around in my head for a while but had only just started to write it and could already feel my motivation flagging. Having a hard deadline forced me to actually keep writing instead of just daydreaming about it.
How I Lost My Shit: For starters, I got reintroduced to an old fandom and started writing another fic simultaneously while still trying to finish this one. Shiny new fic was of course way more exciting to work on, and thus took much more of my attention away from this one than I'd intended. Then I finally got to the end of this one, went to post it, and decided the ending was totally implausible and needed a rewrite.
How I Finished My Shit: If it weren't for the deadline I'd still be tinkering with it (or worse, would have given up completely). But the hero of the story is really [personal profile] reeby10, whose beautiful artwork was the carrot on the stick motivating me to finish.


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