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Art: Custom Built on AO3
Author: NightsMistress on AO3
Fandom: Final Fantasy
Artist: ficwriter103
Notes: I need to buy a dedicated scanner cause my phone's cam scanner does not cut it for art.

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Story Title: Custom Built
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Series
Link(s): On AO3!
Summary: Luxerion, the City of Light, has been vacated by the fal'Cie and seems that it may be fit for humanity's purposes. Descending from the dying artificial cocoon where humanity has struggled to survive for ten years, Hope, Snow and Noel arrive in Luxerion to conduct an exploration mission. Monsters are fought, mysteries uncovered, and Hope learns that Luxerion is not the only thing considered fit for purpose.
Warnings Canon level violence, psychological horror, action/adventure
Characters: Hope Estheim, Snow Villiers, Noel Kreiss, Bhunivelze
Pairings: None applicable.
When I Started: I have had rusting away in my WIP folder a story idea set in the Chaotic Era about what Hope, Noel and Snow did in the 500 years waiting for Lightning to show up. It's been there on and off since Lightning Returns came out, but I really didn't have any real impetus to really make a go at writing it. I had exchanges to write for! Video games to play! I am lazy!
How I Lost My Shit: I lost it several times, actually! The initial draft of this story was quite a bit different: it was going to be the entire expedition including them going to Yusnaan, there was going to be a pre-existing ship between Snow and Hope, and it was going to be this bittersweet story about trying to find some degree of happiness after the world has ended and you have lost everything. I then completely lost my interest in writing that particular story, not the least because it was shaping up to be ridiculously long. I actually was going to pull the story from this round's WIP Big Bang!
How I Finished My Shit I realised that the story I wanted to tell was Hope meeting Bhunivelze the first time. I reworked the 2,500 words I had already written and then the rest came together remarkably quickly, demonstrating that this was definitely the right choice to make.


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