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Story Title: A Gunboat In A Sea of Fear
Fandom: Fringe (TV)
Summary: Peter's known he is from another universe since his mother confirmed it and he wants to go home. His journey takes him back to Jacksonville where he meets Olivia Dunham again. :
Warnings: Underage (15 to 17 year olds have consensual sex with other 15 to 17 year olds, to be clear), canon character death
Characters: Peter Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop, Olivia Dunham, various OCs
Pairings: Peter/Olivia, and Peter/OFC, Peter/OFC, Peter/OMC along the way
When I Started**: November 2015. I think
How I Lost My Shit**: I had the idea while I was writing my Extreme Big Bang as it's one more AU from s3, (my ebb is an au from s3), and then I got bogged down after Peter and Olivia broke up the first time and there was Yuletide and more EBB, etc.
How I Finished My Shit**: I signed up! And I realized if I deleted half of what I've written I could get the story going again in the right way! Yay!

(Also, I did my own art because BLESS YOU CHILD ACTORS, it was not even that hard to hq screencaps of Joshua Jackson at 13, 15, and 17.)


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