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Story Title: In the Cold Dark Night
Fandom: MCU
Link: on AO3 (and check out the art by [ profile] sandy79)
Summary: Phil's whole life changed the night he was attacked by a vampire and became a creature of the night. It's about to change again.
Warnings: Mild violence
Characters: Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, with appearances by Nick Fury, Melinda May, John Garrett, Natasha Romanov, Antoine Triplett, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes
Pairings: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson (pre-slash)
When I Started**: I wrote the first chapter for the Clint/Coulson 2015 Holiday Exchange.
How I Lost My Shit**: I always intended to continue the story, but other projects were higher on my list. No deadline equals no writing being done by me.
How I Finished My Shit**: I almost didn't. Severe self-doubt and another fandom love really hampered my writing. Having a deadline and just finally powering through helped me to finish. At least I didn’t have technological troubles like I did the last two years.

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Story Title:
Up in the Air, Junior Birdman


Link(s): Work on AO3

Links to art from [personal profile] handypolymath , and then it sat and yelled at me because I kept ignoring it. And then we acquired a baby and finishing anything was just a hilarious exercise in frustration.

How I Finished My Shit: 
Not finishing things was starting to make me feel like a failure (as opposed to normal when I just kind of feel bad and get over it). When the opportunity for the WIP Big Bang arose, this piece seemed doable (and was one of the few solo things I was working on that had enough written to really seem like a piece with a story, not just vague notes and mindless boning). I signed up, bullied [personal profile] handypolymath  into signing up with me to keep me on track and the delightful [personal profile] red_b_rackham  signed up to create art. Which she did, so swiftly and skillfully that I knew I'd be an asshole if I didn't finish.

Between the two of them, I managed to eke out a story, and if it is at all coherent, it's because of the two of them.

Even if I couldn't get the assholes in story to kiss.
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Story Title: Emergency Contact
Fandom: MCU
Link(s): On AO3
Summary: Natasha, Nick and Tony go on a mission to rescue Bruce after AoU, and are de-aged to adolescence. A story of four genius misfit loners sticking it to The Man and occasionally to each other, settling scores, and finding themselves. The real adventure is the friends they make along the way. And the evil scientists. And the thugs with tasers. And also that shark.

Warnings: teenage sexuality (kinda)
Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, Maria Hill, Laura Barton, Steve Rogers, Helen Cho, Sam Wilson, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton
Pairings: Natasha/Bruce, Natasha/Nick, Tony/Bruce, Tony/Nick/Natasha/Bruce

When I Started: My writing partner Thassalia gave me the teenager prompt in Sept 2015, but I couldn't get a handle on it. Then in Aug 2016 she shared the handful of pages she'd started, the scene with Pepper and Rhodey, the scene of Steve looking at the teenaged Nick, Tony, Nat and Bruce--and it clicked, I could see where it could go. I started making a soundtrack, I had it bad.

How I Lost My Shit: Within weeks of sharing the file, real life sidelined Thassalia (she became a parent! Yay!) and I inherited the teenagers.
How I Finished My Shit: These crazy kids wouldn't stop pestering me, but I've got several WIPs fighting for bandwidth.  The looming deadline gave me an excuse to focus on just this one until it was done. Seventy-five pages later, it's been a rough puberty, but I think we all made it out alive.
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Story Title: The Lost and the Wretched

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Link(s): Story on AO3 / Art by MassiveSpaceWren on tumblr

Summary: After his reanimation, Tony has yet to find a reason to continue his existence that isn’t hatred or bitterness. After decades of captivity in Arcadia, Steve doesn’t know if he even has a soul anymore. When the vampires of the Covenant of the Shield organize a mission to rescue Steve, it is a new beginning for both of them.

Warnings: No standard warnings apply, but in this AU, Tony is Frankenstein’s (well, Yinsen’s) monster, as in, literally made of spare body parts, and some related gory imagery appears in the story.

Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Thor, Loki

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

When I Started: I wrote the first chapter as a fill for the Captain America/Iron Man bingo in January 2016. I already had an outline in mind for a longer story then, but I knew it'd be beyond the scope of the bingo. I estimated it'd be around 50k, and I really wanted to write it…

How I Lost My Shit: …I really wanted to write the whole long story, but there was always something else to do, some challenge to work on, and I had neither the time nor the motivation to finish this. I prodded at it every now and then and made some progress, but not enough. I mentally labeled it the Epic WIP of Despair. At one point, I started posting it as a WIP, which I usually never do, hoping that'd give me the motivation to finally finish it, but that didn't work either, since the reader response was lukewarm at best.

How I Finished My Shit: Since I'd already tried a lot of other things with no luck, I signed up for WIP BB. Deadlines are a great motivator for me, and that was also true this time. Although I worried about schedules a lot, I did, in the end, manage to finish the thing, even though it became even longer than I'd first planned. In fact, at 58k, it's now the longest story I've written in my life! And Wren did a pretty sad franken!Tony art for me! <3 I'm so glad I signed up! :)

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 Story Title: Search
Fandom: Captain America, MCU

And Ceares did this AMAZING artwork - 

Warnings Angst, references to canon character death
Characters: Sam, Steve, Bucky, T'Challa, mentions of past Peggy/Steve and Sam/Riley
Pairings: Sam/Steve, past Steve/Bucky, eventual Sam/Steve/Bucky
When I Started: Shortly after CA: Winter Soldier came out, which made me want to write Steve/Sam looking for Bucky, with jealousy and angst on Sam's part. As with most love triangles, I support OT3 as a solution to love triangles.
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 Art Title: Search 
Fandom:Marvel Cinematic Universe
Bragging Rights: I was very excited about getting to do this for Daria234, this my OT3 of the MCU, but then um, I lost almost all the original work 2 weeks before this was due, and didn't get a working computer back till a week after that, sooooo I guess I'm bragging that I manage to get something done. Consider this a half brag.
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Art Title:Search No More: A Froggy Fairy Tale
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Warnings: N/A
Link: AO3 | LJ
Bragging Rights: It was so much fun reading and making art for this fic, and it was such a great pleasure working with [personal profile] ereshai again.

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 Story Title: Someday My Prince Will Come
Fandom: Captain America, MCU
Link(s): story on ao3 with art and here's the art on tumblr
Summary: This is basically an escape from MCU angst, imagining how things would be if Bucky had indeed fallen from the train back in WWII but never became the Winter Soldier. After destroying the helicarriers in DC, Steve works with the other Avengers to stamp out hidden Hydra bases and finds Bucky: in cryofreeze but still very much himself. All the fun of a man-out-of-time getting used to the 21st century without any of that troublesome trying-to-kill-Steve stuff. Steve is ecstatic to have his best pal back, of course, but now he has to deal with his long-repressed feelings for Bucky. Much longing ensues.
Warnings NC-17 for m/m sex
Characters: Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, Peggy Carter, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton
Pairings: Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes
When I Started: summer of 2014
How I Lost My Shit: After I started writing my first Captain America series, which was a little more angsty (angsty for me anyway – though not in the general spectrum, not by a long shot!), I wanted something fluffy to work on at the same time. So I started this story. It was my fix-it for Winter Soldier angst. But I am not a huge fan of AUs, and as I wrote I started wondering why I was doing this, and the entire thing fizzled.
How I Finished My Shit: I was working on the for so damn long (off and on) that Captain America: Civil War came out, and that actually inspired me: this story became a fix-it for Civil War angst too, and Tony became a bigger part of the story, helping out instead of becoming an adversary.
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 Story Title: Search No More: A Froggy Fairy Tale
Fandom: MCU
Link(s): on AO3
Summary: "It was a warm summer morning when Loki the Trickster turned Sir Philip, Lord Coul, into a frog."
Warnings No warnings apply
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, Avengers team
Pairings: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, background Pepper/Rhodey/Tony, background Bucky/Steve
When I Started: June 2015. I saw a prompt on tumblr about Person A being turned into a frog and Person B being their wingman and taking them around trying to find someone to kiss them and turn them human again. It morphed into something a little different than that.
How I Lost My Shit: No deadline, no writing. This is a lesson I have learned about myself.
How I Finished My Shit Deadline, deadline, deadline. Which I still missed, but only by a couple of days. Sorry. (Also, new fandoms are bad for current WIPs.)
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 Title: Two Thousand Times One

Fandom: Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Rating: T

Characters/pairings: Bruce Banner/Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, OC

Warnings (including spoilers): Spoilers for Avengers, CA: Winter Soldier

Wordcount: 10,957 words

Author’s note: THIS BANNER! IDEK, because it’s cool colors and well-shaded and I should be much calmer about this, but I literally will just open it on my phone sometimes to stare and be proud that my story inspired it. Thank you  kuwlshadow!!

Summary: For the first time in a long time, Bruce is in a good place. That makes it easier to agree when his sort-of teammate, Hawkeye, asks him for a favor. But Clint has a gift to give Bruce as well, and it's one Bruce must learn to accept before his long-awaited peace burns to the ground.

When I Started: June 4, 2015, so says GoogleDocs.

How I Lost My Shit: A year is actually a normal timeframe for me to finish a 10k work, when I finish it at all (*cries deeply*). This was less of a case of ‘I lost the plot’ as one where I could tell my motivation was fading and I really liked this story and grabbed hold of a chance to finish it.

How I Finished My Shit: The knowledge that it was for a bang was great at first, and then kuwlshadow did such a beautiful banner and I knew I’d feel like utter shit if I didn’t finish at that point, and then new inspiration struck, and then deadlines! Turns out the answer is consistently new jump scares to get you to write.

Read on LJ
Start reading on AO3
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Art Title: Two Thousand Times One
Fandom: Marvel
Warnings: None for art
Link: Art Masterpost
Bragging Rights:  This is my first artwork done for the Marvel fandom.  I really enjoy the movies a lot and it was a lot of fun creating this illustartion for this story.  It is an awesome story and hope you check it out.  :D
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Art Title: Sudden and Silent In Its Arrival
Fic: Here!
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Warnings: None.
Link: Here on LJ.
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Story Title: Sudden and Silent in its Arrival
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe - Iron Man Movies
Link(s): Fic on AO3
Summary: 22 1/2 hours of drive time, 1,461 miles of increasingly icy roads, and Los Angeles still isn't far enough back in Pepper's rearview mirror. But when her car breaks down just over the South Dakota state line, she meets a pair of men who give her a reason to stop running.
Warnings None
Characters: Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Tony Stark
Pairings: Pepper/Rhodey/Tony, Rhodey/Tony
When I Started: I had my most successful NaNoWriMo ever in 2015; I actually made the daily wordcount goal like eight times! For someone most comfortable at the <500 word fic length, I blasted through writing this fic, getting out a beginning, middle, and end (plus three bonus fics) right on time at the end of the month. There were a bunch of places where I had just put [expand this] or [and then this happened] or [???], but I was super proud of myself, and determined to ride that momentum into spending 2016 writing multiple long fics.
How I Lost My Shit: Then the draft. . . sat. I got scared of looking back over it, because what it that feverish writing period had blinded me to its complete and utter banality? What if the "ending" was so slapped-together that it actually needed 5,000 more words of resolution (and maybe porn), not to mention another 3,000 words of set-up shoe-horned in at earlier points? The longer it lay unexamined in my drafts folder, the harder the idea of actually going back and finishing it seemed.
How I Finished My Shit I had signed up for this challenge with another (shorter) fic, figuring that I was *so close* to being done with this fic that it didn't make sense to sign up with it. But as the months passed and I kept avoiding this fic, I finally decided I had to bite the bullet and change my sign-up so that I had an actual deadline. And once I had that deadline, it became imperative to actually go back and fill in all those [expand this] and [and then this happened] and [???] sections, so that I could get it to a beta! And then my beta did tell me that the ending didn't work, but also helped me find ways to make it work, to make my original intention come through. And I finally rediscoveed the love I had for this story the whole time I was writing it. And now it's DONE! 
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Posted by: taste_is_sweet

Story Title:
Find Your Way Home
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America and Avengers movies)
Link(s): Here at AO3
Steve Rogers met Tony Stark in Afghanistan in 2011, when they were taken captive after their convoy was decimated by the Ten Rings.

Three years later, Steve is slowly getting his life back after the trauma of an imprisonment he can barely remember. He still has nightmares and attacks of paranoia and panic, and still blames himself for the death of the soldiers under his command. But he also has his friends, a cat and a good job. Most of the time he's happy.

Then he comes back from a weekend away and discovers someone's been staying in his apartment. And then he sees a beautiful, haunted man who shouldn't be familiar, but is. Steve's nightmares suddenly include a stranger with blue-grey eyes, and he wakes up mourning for someone who may not even be real.

And then Steve learns in the worst way possible that there was another soldier with him and Tony in the cave: James Buchanan Barnes, who kept them alive and then supposedly died helping them escape. And who no one told Steve about, because he couldn't bear to remember.

Bucky is alive, and he was in Steve's apartment. But with his careful, quiet life unraveling under the strain, Steve might never be able to find out why.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Pepper Potts
Pairings: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Pepper Potts/Tony Stark; Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov/Sam Wilson
When I Started: Um. Late last year? Really early this year? I can't even remember anymore.
How I Lost My Shit: I was inspired to write this because of a different prompt entirely that led to kicking around AU plot ideas where either Steve or Bucky was a ghost. Then I conflated it with an idea I probably got from one of the several thousand Law and Order shows, and ended up with this. And I wrote the first 5 or so thousand words and then didn't know how to continue.
How I Finished My Shit Knowing that if I finished this thing I could get art for it was one hell of an incentive, let me tell you. And my sister helped me figure out how to end it, which helped a lot.

(The art I received from Ensign-Cannonfodder and Feanor in leather pants is absolutely gorgeous. The pictures are posted with the story, and you really, really need to see them. They're amazing. ♥)


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