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Art Title:No Fire Can Ever Warm Me
Fandom:Political Animals
Warnings: Graphic torture, past alcoholism and drug use, homophobic language and actions(in the story not for the art)
Bragging Rights: N/A
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Posted by: arsenicjade

Story Title:
No Fire Can Ever Warm Me

Fandom: Political Animals

Link(s): Can be read here

Summary: TJ is kidnapped by extremists who want to show the world their work. Doug is stuck as Chief of Staff, waiting for the real heroes to bring his brother home.

Warnings Graphic torture, past alcoholism and drug use, homophobic language and actions

Characters: TJ Hammond, Doug Hammond, a lot of background canonical and original characters

Pairings: Canonical pairings

When I Started: Somewheres around January of 2015?

How I Lost My Shit: Uh, well, it probably had something to do with getting a new job and moving half way across the country and learning that new job and packing and unpacking and the six months of terrible writers block I went through and then inertia and yeah. I was basically a hot mess on this one.

How I Finished My Shit: Saw the posting for this challenge and went "this fic or the post-AoU fic?" And then it was about a nano-second before I made that decision. Clearly, I love that other fic. Yes. Look, sometimes it just takes a kick in the ass to make a girl finish her NC-17, gen-fic in a small fandom. Is all I'm saying.


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