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Art Title: Lives Flipped Upside Down
Fandom: St. Tristian's/Sherlock crossover
Warnings: None for Art
Link: Art Masterpost
Bragging Rights: Got to create this banner for an awesome writer, afteriwake.  Sherlock is one of my fav shows that I enjoy watching but unfortunately was unfamiliar with the movie, St. Tristian's but I think I managed to create a banner that we both liked.  :D
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Story Title: Lives Flipped Upside Down
Fandom: Sherlock/St. Trinian’s
Link(s): AO3
Summary: Sherlock braves going back to St. Trinian’s to get Kelly’s help with a case. During the course of the case Sherlock finds a young girl to mentor, Kelly has to return to the life she gave up and Annabelle has to make a choice as to just how far she will go to keep her girls safe.
Warnings None
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Kelly Jones, Annabelle Fritton, Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper and an OFC
Pairings: Kelly Jones/Annabelle Fritton & Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper
When I Started: December 17th, 2013
How I Lost My Shit: I ended up having a lot of personal stuff happen, and I just lost interest in this story and this series in general.
How I Finished My Shit I’d had an idea in my head of where I wanted it to go for the last few years, but once I really got into writing the Sherlolly ship (and my friend who I write the series for started asking for Sherlolly fic from me last year) I started thinking I could work it into the series, which I did with a shorter one shot earlier this year, and then when I sat down to really work on this for the big bang I got hit with the idea of Sherlock staying at the school for a time, and maybe bringing back one or two old St. Trinian’s character’s into the series once Kelly had to leave for a bit, and then the ending finally came together and I was able to finish it.


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