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Story Title: Empty Spaces

Fandom: Star Wars: Rogue One

Link(s): Empty Spaces

Summary: "Only the best and most dedicated can serve as Guardians." Chirrut and Baze took very different paths to the Temple.

Warnings No Archive Warnings Apply

Characters: Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus

Pairings: Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus

When I Started: The beginning of this year, for the Chocolate Box challenge.

How I Lost My Shit: I was wildly overambitious in plotting. I ended up writing a much shorter fic.

How I Finished My Shit I really wanted to get back to this story, and help from the nanodownunder community and a Nano Cabin got me into writing regularly on it, and finally getting up enough momentum. This is still only 15% of my original outline, though, so there's more to come, but this is definitely a start - thanks to this community! And thanks to my artist as well!
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Story Title: you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

Fandom: Star Wars Rogue One

Link(s): you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

Summary: All Bodhi's life there have been hands on his hands, showing him how to make signs, how to feel his way, how to cut tangaroot, how to hold the knife. Somewhere along the way he realizes that it's all been leading to this. Somewhere along the way he learns what it is to serve something more than himself.

Warnings none, but it's pre-canon and should be read with that in mind

Characters: Bodhi Rook, Galen Erso

Pairings: Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook

When I Started: I got inspired for this in the fall upon reading a snippet from the movie novelization on tumblr.

How I Lost My Shit: After writing the first section and a few dribs and drabs of the rest, I ended up falling into another, much longer story in another fandom that demanded all my attention. Then when I finally was able to turn my mind to this story, I got caught up in worrying about the style, which is very much out of my usual sort of thing.

How I Finished My Shit At last I just powered through and my beta (kindly) reassured me about the style. I'm so glad that I finished!
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Story Title: What makes the desert...
Fandom: Star Wars
Link(s): On my website
Art link: On my website
Summary: NC-17. While Luke was away on assignment Han was busy walking into doors and attracting strange looks. He definitely wasn’t his normal self, but if Han thought Luke’s return would put him back on track, he couldn’t have been further from the truth. All Han's introspection had given him the answers, but one big question remained.
Warnings: None
Characters: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo
Pairings: Luke/Han
When I Started: March 2015, so one of my more recent WIPs. Finishing a story in just over a year is a bit of a record for me...
How I Lost My Shit: Life in general :(
How I Finished My Shit: Well, I did this challenge last year and finished a story - it made me think I might be able to do another! I've barely got this online properly - it's there, but I still need to do all my website links. Still, it's finished, and so is the art, just about. Huge thanks to this community - the fact I'm actually finishing things is down to you guys :)
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Art Title: Midnight [Fanart]
Fandom: Star Wars, Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Warnings: n/a
Link: AO3 | LJ
Bragging Rights: I've never done anything for Clone Wars before, but I was really interested by the idea of a story focusing on the various lives and broships of various clones. The snippets were emotional and vivid and I thoroughly enjoyed creating art for this fab fic. :D
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Story Title: Midnight
Fandom: Star Wars (The Clone Wars)
Link(s): Fic on AO3
Summary: Collection of short stories set during The Clone Wars that deal with the Clones' lives, missions, dealing with the death of friends, and dealing with PTSD.
Warnings: Violence, Death, Heavy Injury, Angst, PTSD
Characters: Fives, Rex, Echo, Cody, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Oddball, Kix, Jesse, Hardcase, Tup, Gregor, Wolffe, Plo Koon
Pairings: None
When I Started: Oh, back in May of last year~
How I Lost My Shit: My writing got too angsty! I couldn't handle writing about the poor Clones and all they had to go through! It was terrible! I gave up right around Rex's story... I think I had about 200 words on his ficlet, but I couldn't bring myself to complete it. So the collection just sort of... sat there.
How I Finished My Shit: I just dug deep and started going again. It helped that I was running through the Clone Wars series (again!) and I could really connect with the characters. It also helped that I decided to put in at least one happy-ish ficlet in there. I also made a good playlist of some epic battle music and some really sad stuff, so it got me in the mood. Honestly, finishing Wolffe's fic was the hardest because I really connect with him. But! Now they're done! And now I want to write more little Clone ficlets! PLUS, getting my fic claimed equals extra motivation because ARTWORK!!


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