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 Art title: In Abeyance
Author: reeby10
Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: None.
Bragging Rights: Wow, ok. This could have gone so wrong because I thought I still had time to finish the art. Fortunately, my muse decided that it was the right time to wake up. I can now show you the art I made for Reeby10's fic! I hope you enjoy it! :)
Links: LJ | AO3
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 Story Title: In Abeyance
Fandom: Supernatural
Link(s): on AO3
Summary: Dean takes the move to a new town as a chance to start something new. That means beginning college, becoming best friends with a guy from the largest and weirdest family ever imagined, and getting a crush on the local diner cook. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and one-sided feelings threaten to ruin everything.
Warnings AU, one-sided attraction, dysfunctional families
Characters: Dean, Sam, Adam, John, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar, Bobby, Victor Henriksen
Pairings: Benny/Dean, Castiel/Dean (one-sided), Gabriel/Sam (side)
When I Started: I first came up with the idea in January 2015 and it slowly started morphing into a (massive) series of interrelated fics with the help of biffelderberry.
How I Lost My Shit: Basically we made it our goal to fit every SPN character we could think of into a modern AU about family dysfunction. Which required a LOT of planning, which turned into not a lot of actual writing... I tried to write this story, one of the main ones in the series from Dean's POV, for NaNo in November, but I only got a little less than 5k done bc life. And then life continued to kick my ass, so it all just fizzled out.
How I Finished My Shit: We'd estimated that the total series would come out somewhere around 200k, but we had a friend who didn't think we'd be able to finish ever one fic of it. So basically I just really wanted to prove her wrong lol And I figured since I was modding I should probably get my ass in gear and finish. Plus, the promise of some lovely art by manuushuu was a great incentive.
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Art Title: The Sulphur on Your Sleeve
Fandom: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Warnings: None
Link: On Live Journal or click on the banner
Bragging Rights: I was thrilled to be able to snaffle one of my favourite things to art for! Dark Angel and SPN crossovers are so rare they are like hen's teeth, and this story by the lovely loracine is especially good... I'm so glad she decided to complete it!
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 Posting for loracine

Story Title:
 The Sulphur on Your Sleeve

Fandoms: Supernatural and Dark Angel
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (X1-042), Charlie Bradbury, John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Logan Cale, Max (X5-452), Alec (X5-494), Zack (X5-599), OFC
Pairings: none
Warnings: Canon level violence and language. Some torture of a child consistent with Dark Angel canon.

Summary: Sam made a terrible mistake. Driven by his profound grief over his brother's betrayal of his body, his mind, and his free will; he said something stupid, something unforgivable. Not directly, but he implied that he didn't want to be brothers anymore and he didn't take it back. In that moment, he'd wanted Dean to hurt. He succeeded and Dean disappeared. Five years later find the brothers divided and hurting. Sam is swimming in guilt and still searching for his brother and Dean has been caught in the clutches of Manticore all these years. This is the story of how they found each other again.

When I Started: August 2015
How I Lost My Shit: Between studying and other projects I just lost momentum and never got it back again.
How I Finished My Shit: Applied foot to buttocks. I didn't realize I was that flexible.

Fic Master Post: LJ | AO3
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Art Title: Key Harbor [Fanart]
Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: n/a
Link: AO3 | LJ
Bragging Rights: It turned out to be shockingly difficult to find a good cap of Sam in a suit with a gun (I really thought it'd take me all of five minutes; it did not. XD) but this art was a lot of fun to make. Shan was an awesome partner that I very enjoyed working with!! :D
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 Story Title:Key Harbor
Link(s): AO3
Summary:The Winchesters *should* be trying to stop the apocalypse they started by breaking the first and last seals. But since they can’t seem to catch a break, they spend a few days on the beach, investigating a shore town where blue lights are causing strange cases of amnesia. Even worse, people are remembering things that have never happened!

Sam watches his brother approach the marina door, only to have a hunter he’s never met step through the other side. Meanwhile, Dean finds himself face to face with a Sam who doesn’t recognize him.

Working with new partners, the brothers and an angel of the Lord (who’s still unclear on that whole “Free Will” thing) must find a way back to one another, preferably in time to avert the end of the world.
Warningscanon-typical violence, implied suicide attempt
Characters:Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Female!Dean Winchester
When I Started:August 2014
How I Lost My Shit:I got to the first moment where I had to bring together a number of the OCs and I realized I just had too many characters to keep track of. 
How I Finished My Shit:The WIP Big Bang forced me to highly edit my work until I had the characters under control. From there, it wasn't hard to finish up the storyline.
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Art Title: Until It Sleeps
Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: None for art
Link: Art Masterpost
Bragging Right: it's no surprise for me to claim a Supernatural story as it's my fav show in this challenge.  :D  I enjoyed her story just as much as I enjoyed creating the artwork for it.   (Actually I feel pretty lucky with all that I've done artwork for this challenge as all my writers are pretty awesome people!).
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Story Title: Until It Sleeps
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Sam's started having visions again. No one thinks that's a good sign, especially when Metatron goes missing from Heaven's jail, and all signs point to Crowley being behind it. When Claire and the tablets disappear from the bunker, Sam, Dean, and Cas have to figure out how to get to her and stop Crowley's plans before he does something even Lucifer never managed to pull off.
Warnings Implied/Referenced sexual abuse of a minor; canon-typical violence, blood magic, and threats; polyamorous relationship
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Crowley, Original Female Characters,
Pairings: Sam Winchester/OFC/Dean Winchester/Castiel, Dean Winchester/Castiel
When I Started: August of 2015
How I Lost My Shit: Nothing dramatic; I just ran out of steam because I had no idea what was going to happen next, and without a pressing deadline, I had no real motivation to figure it out. Also, everyone who said they would beta for me kind of fell off the face of the earth and I had a sneaking suspicion it was because the story was terrible.
How I Finished My Shit Having the completion deadline for this bang really gave me the additional pressure to power through and figure out what was going to happen! Additionally, I found someone who really liked the first fic in the series and she agreed to beta for me and actually made it like 1000% better.

(extra thanks to Kuwlshadow for her AMAZING art!!!)


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