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Story Title: The Genetics Factory
Fandom: Criminal Minds/Stargate
Link(s): On AO3, on Dreamwidth
Summary: In Detroit, homeless addicts are turning up dead. But there's more to the case than meets the eye, and the BAU finds themselves looking for something they don't understand. For Derek, it gets personal.
Warnings: none
Characters: Derek Morgan, Savannah Hayes, David Rossi, Paul Davis, Jennifer Keller
Pairings:Derek Morgan/Savannah Hayes
When I Started: The idea for this fic came almost a decade ago when I saw the CM episode where JJ's kid was born and Derek held him and I went, "awwwww." And I started daydreaming kidfic ideas. Which tripped and fell into a vat of SG plot bunnies (a common occurence, back then, and even now, given how much I love SG1) and the whole amalgamation has been floating around the backbrain ever since. I have no idea when I actually started writing it, but it turned almost immediately from the fun kidfic I had planned into a casefic. And there it stalled, because I am not good at writing casefic. I mean, I'd noodle away at it occasionally (even long after I stopped actively watching CM), but nothing came of it. (I work much better with deadlines.)
How I Lost My Shit: big bunny, no deadline to make me concentrate on it, too many other bunnies distracting me.
How I Finished My Shit:Then came WIP Big Bang, and I considered what WIP I might try to finish, and this was the one I had been noodling away at most recently, so I figured, what the heck. It was something like 10k words at the time? IDEK. I thought it might, maybe, take another 10k words. And then I started seriously writing it. And then, as I was wondering how the heck to join the kidfic bit with the casefic bit, I did some wikisurfing and found out that Derek has gotten married and had a kid in the meantime! Which I love, and was able to use to great thematic effect. Thank you, CM writers, for having Derek settle down with a wonderful woman, and thank you, Shemar Moore, for suggesting it. It was very useful to this fic.


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