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Art Title: Fanmix: Sometimes the Chosen One. . .
Fandom: The Thick of It/Being Human
Link (or you can post the art here, too!) here@ao3
Warnings: swears, violence, sex

Thanks to fickle_fics for letting me pretend I'm an artist, giving me such emotions to mix for and to the mods for all the work they do!
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Fic - Sometimes The Chosen One, The Thick Of It/Being Human

 Story Title Sometimes The Chosen One...
Fandom The Thick Of It/Being Human
Word Count 30592
Summary With the Department of Domestic Defence facing closure Dominic Rook has to take drastic measures. Thankfully he has just the person in mind to do what must be done - Grey White, a werewolf sadly unlikely to do him any favours (or so he thinks), so he calls in the most manipulative man he knows - former spin doctor Malcolm Tucker to convince her to do what Rook wants, for the good of the country. Of course Rook hasn't counted on Malcolm and Grey getting on much better than he intended. Or on Grey knowing exactly what Rook will do for the good of the country. And accepting it. What should save the department should end her. Should
Warnings Swearing, gore, violence, suicidal thoughts
Characters Malcolm Tucker, Grey White, Dominic Rook, some OCs
Pairings Malcolm Tucker/Grey White
When I Started** Probably a couple of years ago now.
How I Lost My Shit** Too many ideas! I'm terrible and sticking to one thing and finishing it, especially something big and plotty.
How I Finished My Shit** It's all down to this comm and the prospect of getting more beautiful art and a mix from my darling artist.