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Name:WIP Big Bang (Finish Your Shit)
Website:WIP BIg Bang on LJ
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:The WIP Big Bang is a writing community for finishing your works in progress.

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WIP Big Bang
Finish Your Sh**

Got a rough draft of that fanfic you started writing but then real life made you abandon it? Is it just sitting around in a folder, gathering dust and making you feel guilty every time you glance at the file or think about that pairing? Do you want an opportunity to sit down and finish it like your greatest enemy in Mortal Kombat?

You've come to the right place!

Greetings. We are the WIP Big Bang and our goal is to take the stories we've already started and to finish them by July 8, 2017. We are an all-fandoms-welcome exchange and will have artist claims and everything. It's like a real Big Bang, with a twist. You only need at least 500 words of a story you've already written prior to signing up and the goal isn't a word count* but to finish the thing.

So, are you ready to defeat that WIP?

Here's a link to some FAQs.

Sign-ups Begin- March 24th
Sign-ups Close- April 7th
Check Point #1- April 16th
Check Point #2- April 30th
Snippets Due- May 14th
Art Claims Begin- May 17th
Check Point #3- May 28th
Check Point #4- June 11th
Rough Drafts Due- June 18th
Posting Claims Begin- June 21st
Check Point #5- June 25th
Posting Claims Ends- July 2nd
Final Drafts/Art Due- July 8th
Posting- July 8th

If you have any questions, please email us ( or send one of our mods ([personal profile] reeby10/[ profile] reeby10, [ profile] biffelderberry, and [ profile] moon01234) a PM.

*to make it worthwhile for our artists, we do request that stories do end up being over 7500 words!
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