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 Story Title: Another Man's Shoes
Forever (TV)
Link:             [on AO3]
Summary:    It’s a routine murder investigation—until a mysterious device bodyswaps Henry and Lucas, just as it did their murder victim.  To return to their own bodies, they must solve the murder while keeping their condition a secret from Jo and their colleagues, on top of negotiating Lucas’ love life and family, and Henry’s secret immortality. But who is immortal now? And for Henry, is a shot at mortality worth becoming someone else?

Tags/Warnings:   Bodyswap, Casefic, Post-Series Finale, Dubious Consent Due To Identity Issues, Canon-Typical Violence, Body Dysphoria, Suicide,Implied/Referenced Suicide, Trust Issues, Ensemble Cast, Mystery, Angst and Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort Bingo: Disappearing, Identity Issues, Reveal, Depression

Characters:  Henry Morgan, Lucas Wahl, Jo Martinez, Abe Morgan, Joanna Reece, Mike Hanson, Original Characters
Pairings:       Henry Morgan & Lucas Wahl, Jo Martinez/Henry Morgan, Jo Martinez & Henry Morgan, Abe Morgan & Henry Morgan, Abe Morgan & Lucas Wahl, Lucas Wahl/Original Female Character(s), Henry Morgan/Original Female Character(s)

When I Started:   The idea to write a bodyswap story started with this prompt I got in January 2015.  After I wrote the little drabble, I had a few ideas about how the bigger story would go, jotted myself down a few notes, and told myself I'd get back to it.  However, every time I opened the file thinking I'd finally start the story, I only ended up adding more ideas, and did write a 1500 word opening scene (the existing opening scene for the story), but that's as far as I got.

A year later, the notes had morphed into an outline.  By that point I was determined that if I was going to write it, it had to be a "proper" story with a real mystery rather than just a throwaway background case.  I tweaked the outline again—by which time the outline was 12k and it was getting too intimidating to think I would ever be able to write it.

Then LadySilver (also signed up with her Highlander/Forever fic, Something Called Honor) suggested I enter the WIP Big Bang to get it done.  I signed up and started properly writing the story on March 23rd.

How I Lost My Shit: 107,000 WORDS IN 4 MONTHS.  IT IS QUITE CLEAR HOW I LOST MY SHIT.  I basically did nothing else for that period of time other than write and moan about writing.  I set myself a weekly due date for chapters and scenes, and what was a 12-chapter outline with a projected 50k word count (lolololololol) turned into a 25-chapter, 108k story.

How I Finished My Shit: I would never have finished this story if not for LadySilver, who was my nightly fic-writing buddy.  We talked over the various plot points and character arcs of our respective stories, whined and complained and encouraged each other, and she saved my skin more than a few times when I got stuck and needed a hand out of the mire.

But in the larger picture, I owe the finishing of this fic to the entire Forever fandom, who are the nicest, most encouraging, sweetest bunch of people.  Even though the show has been canceled (sob) for almost a year and a half now, and it was just a one-season wonder, they are still enthusiastic and supportive of new fics.  I talked about writing this and posted sneak peeks on my tumblr throughout the process, and every single time people cheered me on.  I'm so grateful to everyone for their support and encouragement!

This is by far the longest fic I've ever written, and the most intense in terms of all the time for planning and writing that went into it.  It feels really, really good to be able to say that I wrote a novel.  Thank you, wipbigbang, for encouraging me to get this done!  I doubt I would have ever started if not for the push.


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