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Story Title:Care and feeding of Lieutenant Commander Steven J. McGarrett, USNR
Fandom:Hawaii Five-0
Link(s): At AO3
Summary: It took a parking garage falling onto Steve's head to bring out the Sentinel in him. It took Steve coming online for Danny to be able to claim his place as a Guide. But things are never as easy as they appear to be.
Warnings None that I can think of. Mostly angst and h/c
Characters: Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, Kono Kalakaua
Pairings:Danny williams/Steve McGarrett
When I Started:Sometime early last year. It went well ... until it didn't.
How I Lost My Shit:Well, that was probably the fault of the OTHER fic. See, there was a SGA Secret Santa I had to write. And just when I was writing part of the bonding sex scene (I do not write chronologically), I had to stop because the deadline for the Santa was nearing. Which of course pissed off my characters and they put me on the ignore list. I stopped hearing them even after I finished the Santa and wanted to coma back and finish this fic. It was no use. I tried to get back my inspiration, but it was very hard. So I put the story aside for a while.
How I Finished My ShitAt first I had actually chosen another story to finish but these characters were not talking to me, either. So I came back to this story here. Danny and Steve were reluctantly starting to talk to me again (though that sex scene was the last thing to get done cause they are stubborn asses who refused to let me get it right) and I finally was able to add more scenes. I'd really quite glad I managed to finish this little monster because I was starting to be fed up with the drama of writing it. ;)


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