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Story Title: Haunting Memories
Fandom: Forever (TV)
Link(s): Haunting Memories (on AO3)
Summary: Four months after reuniting with Henry, James is haunted by memories of his past life. One particular memory causes him to reconsider being with Henry.
Will James have the courage to reveal the truth to him?
Warnings Angst
Characters: Henry Morgan, James Carter, Abe Morgan, Adam, OCs
Pairings: Henry Morgan/James Carter
When I Started: Around Sept. 2015. I got inspired to write this as a sequel to Eternal Soulmate.
How I Lost My Shit: I just became overwhelmed with all these ideas for the story. But I think they sounded better in my head than on paper. Lol. And plus I had other story ideas I wanted to pursue. I participated in some fic challenges and those became a priority because of deadlines. Unfortunately this story fell to the wayside. It hadn’t been for a challenge initially, so the lack of a real deadline was a problem…
How I Finished My Shit I’m grateful for the WIP Big Bang. I knew the best way to get the story completed was to join this challenge. I’m glad I had this choice available. Also, it helped that I took out all the ideas that would have weighed down the story.


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