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 Story Title: Cinderella had a Wrench
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Summary: Ed and Winry's impending wedding had been speculated about for months. All knew it would be the event of the year. No one expected the reason why. Not all weddings end in happily ever after, some tragically just end. 
Warnings: Major character deaths, angst, mentioned violence
Characters: Ed Elric, OMC, OFC, Pinako Rockbell, mentioned Winry Rockbell and Al Elric
Pairings: Ed/Winry, Mentioned Winry/Al
When I Started: 2013 after cheshirejin and I got back from AWA, at which we had observed an excellent pair of cosplayers wandering around everywhere together as Winry and Al. At one point, cheshirejin commented that someone should really write Al and Winry eloping together and thus a fic was born. 
How I Lost My Shit: Not too long after I had started, real life sort of took a sideways turn and I had to put it aside. Things haven't slowed down much since, so I just never got a chance to get back to it. 
How I Finished My Shit: It was a bumpy, bumpy road. When first started this challenge, I realized my fic was too much of a rip off the of The Graduate, so I tore it apart and started over. After much struggle, I wrote very lovely, bittersweet fic, celebrated, and realized it was only three thousand eight hundred words. With a lot of hair pulling, and help from friends who were tired of listening to me whine, I was able to beef it up to over seventy five hundred words. It was a fine fic, but it had lost what made it so lovely to start with and no longer even felt like something I would write. After much moping, threatening to set things on fire and ritual suicide, vexed_wench kicked my ass and I started over again. It was the same story, only this time from Ed's point of view, instead of Al's and Winry's, and with much, much darker consequences. This one was a keeper, that I am very proud of.


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